Postpartum Moms

New Parents…&…. Postpartum moms

Between Cries & Poops

Giving birth is this magical event where you go to suffer and your pain pays off with a new gift. That gift then deprives you of sleep for potentially the next 30 years. So, where is the you in this? Why is it so hard for so many so early? (Why do you feel like the only one who has been this scared of parenting?)

No matter where you are or what you are feeling after giving birth, I am here to tell you it is okay. Feeling a huge amount of pressure? It’s okay. Disappointed you don’t have the connection you thought you’d have? It’s okay. Parenting is so hard? It’s okay. Freaking out that you are going to “mess” this up? It is okay….you are not alone I promise you that.

Looking for reprieve? Planning goes a long way

I love working with postpartum moms because I can offer some relief and comfort at a very vulnerable scary phase. It can feel lonely when you aren’t getting all the pleasure you “should” be from parenting. Fortunately, your own self-care is an essential part of developing a sustainable parenting plan. Akong with having someone to talk with and hold a judgemental free safe space until your sleep, hormones and new life starts feeling more recognizable and even comforting.

Most importantly it is letting go of the expectations of how things are “supposed to be” this is the weight that will drag you under the water. Learning very early on in parenting that the only guarantee in parenting is that nothing is guaranteed.