“As life hurries forward, it seems that I am sure of fewer and fewer things, but I am still confident about two things; that once we know better, we do better and that remaining teachable is the most important thing I can ever do as a parent.”
– Katie Ciervo, the Founder and head Parent Coach for Love Made Apparent.

Katie’s Story…….

Professional Experience:

Before starting Love Made Apparent, Katie worked with a therapeutic young adult transitional program in admissions and outreach for over 6 years. In this role Katie built her expert knowledge of the field, visiting countless programs nationwide and attending national professional conferences. As an admissions liaison, Katie coached families from all over as they enrolled their young adults, helping to make the transition from one level of care to another as smooth as possible. Her dedication to making each and every family feel heard and understood is recognized by colleagues around the industry. Katie brings the same level of knowledge and care to her coaching clients, recognizing the need for a thorough and individualized approach to coaching.

Katie brings a warmth and unprejudiced perspective to her work with families. She is able to gently guide them while they uncover the changes necessary for their family to grow towards a thriving group of individuals.

Katie has a natural ability to connect with and uncover the goodness in people. Her calming demeanor creates a safe environment for people to share and feel held. Katie understands interpersonal struggle and is accessible as guide on your journey.

She worked as a parent coordinator for an independent educational consulting firm, specializing in therapeutic placements for children and young adults. She worked with families from the beginning stages of treatment (i.e. wilderness programs or primary residential centers) through the transition process.

Katie served as an administrator at a Pediatric Neuropsychology center in Connecticut for many years.

Before starting her own family, she worked for a women’s recovery home in Newport Beach California specializing in eating disorders.

Katie is grateful to have studied and become a certified parent coach from the Jai Institute.
She is also certified and a member of the IAC which is certification of practice consisting of high Ethical Principles and Code of Ethics

Life Experience:

Katie also knows she has experience that could have never been picked up from work or school. She was a stay-at-home mom for over 15 years to 3 beautiful children. She’s been a single, financially challenged divorced mom in a wealthy town. She has been a widower’s wife and step-mom to 3 new beautiful children. Presently, she’s a wife to “the best person in the world,” and is a mom to a big, blended, “messy” family of 6.

She has kids who have struggled with depression, ADHD, severe anxiety, and self-harm. All six children have experienced some form of trauma either by death, divorce, or loss. Two of their kids have attended a wilderness / transitional programs, and (as you can see) there aren’t many experiences in parenting she hasn’t personally navigated.

All that said, she started Love Made Apparent from all that she’s learned from her kids and from the many parents she has worked with. Katie’s husband and her children have been her teachers, her inspiration, and her passion.